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CNN Host Roasts Trump For ‘Failing Third-Grade Spelling Test’ With Twitter Rant Attacking Mueller

CNN host John King roasted Donald Trump on Wednesday after the president released a tweet attacking special counsel Robert Mueller that was full of misspelled words.

Trump deleted his original tweet that had the words “counsel” and “whether” misspelled. Trump later reposted the same tweet but he still spelled “counsel” incorrectly.

This is his original tweet:

Here’s his revised version:

King blasted Trump for his spelling errors.

“The president attacks the special counsel and in the process fails a third-grade spelling test,” King said. “Attacking Robert Mueller by name goes against the advice of the president’s lawyers. So when he does it, we learn about his anger at them as much as with the investigation.”

“There’s no staff around him when the president watches the morning cable shows and lashes out,” the CNN host added. “And apparently no spell check or grammar police.”

According to King, Trump would have failed a third-grade spelling test.

“Why the rush to rage?” King added. “The president is mad at his lawyers because they’ve been unable to make Mueller disappear and because he doesn’t like the questions the special counsel has outlined in negotiations over a possible presidential interview.”

Take a look at the video clip below:

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