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‘Don’t Even Go there’: CNN Interview Goes South In Wild Back And Forth Between Kellyanne Conway And Chris Cuomo

Appearing on CNN Monday night, White counselor and alternative facts guru Kellyanne Conway clashed with host Chris Cuomo in a raucous back and forth over immigration and the government shutdown.

During the interview, Cuomo challenged Conway on the administration’s hardline approach to immigration, at one point asking, “why are you treating immigrants like they’re monsters?”

“Don’t even go there,” Conway replied.

“I’m all over it,” Cuomo retorted. “I bought property in this place.”

They lying counselor then accused CNN of being upset that the government shutdown was solved because “we’ve traded in the Russia graphics for the shutdown graphics.”

In a tussle over the president’s changing position regarding a border wall, Cuomo accused Conway of talking “like [Trump] never looked at a map before.”

Conway said Cuomo was “disparaging to the office of the president”—prompting the CNN host to call that an “unfair shot.”

But it was when Conway tried to accuse Cuomo of not caring about the resources afforded to border patrol agents that the interview truly veered off course.

“You just said everything’s fine,” Conway charged.

“I’ve said what?” Cuomo asked.

Conway said just because Cuomo took one trip to the border in his khakis doesn’t mean he knows about immigration.

Watch the interview in the following videos via CNN:

Part 1:

Part 2:

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