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CNN Just Revealed How Trump Taxes Can Be Made Public. Trump Is Furious

Last week, Political Dig reported that “President” Donald Trump is being sued by the owners of a Washington D.C. wine bar for unfair competition. The lawsuit claims Trump’s nearby hotel has an “unfair” competitive advantage that violates the hotel’s lease with the federal government. Do they have a case? We don’t know. But that’s not the big news surrounding this case.

According to CNN, this lawsuit is likely to get Trump’s tax return in discovery. That’s why the big legal guns are onto it. A normal president would not have to deal with something like this. Then again, Trump, who is reportedly fuming over the report, is far from normal.

In the lawsuit, Khalid Pitts, who owns Cork Wine Bar with his wife, Diane Gross, alleges that their restaurant is losing business to the hotel restaurant run by the Trump Organization, which is owned by President Trump. The power of Trump’s public office and simultaneous ownership of the restaurants at his Pennsylvania Avenue hotel are hurting other restaurants and bars in Washington for his personal benefit.

An ethics group who also sued President Trump, charging that he is violating the Constitution by accepting payments from foreign governments through his business empire, hopes to use the discovery process of the lawsuit to make Trump’s tax return public, CNN reported. The group argues that the tax returns are the only way to see what benefit Trump has received from foreign governments.

You can expect a flurry of new lawsuits to follow, demanding to see Trump’s tax returns.

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