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CNN Panel Brilliantly Trolls Trump Over His Obsession To Build A Wall: Watch

On Monday, as the government shutdown enters its ninth day, a CNN panel decided to ridicule Donald Trump over his obsession to build a wall at all costs.

During the discussion, host Brianna Keilar asked if Trump was demanding something “he actually has abandoned”, after his former chief of staff John Kelly told the L.A. Times that Trump “left the solid concrete wall early on in the administration.”

“We’ll remind people again as you said about the president’s promise, he also promised that Mexico would be paying for this wall,” senior political analyst David Chalian said. “This entire conversation is about the U.S. taxpayers funding this wall. He clearly has backed away from some of the promise.”

“He will say in a roundabout way, Mexico will pay for it,” Keilar noted as Chalian chuckled.

“That’s clearly not the case, his acting chief of staff made that quite clear. What the debate is here is how much the taxpayers are on the hook for this wall,” he replied. Trump, he said, “hates to think for one second that his hardcore supporters will see him in any form of retreat on this key promise.”

TIME’s Molly Ball then claimed that the empty promises Trump has made to his supporters will come back to bite him.

“The real problem here is that he is not able to make a deal. That’s what his supporters really want from the Donald Trump they voted for is that he famous deal-making ability,” she said. “Where is it?”

“There is no negotiation going on, there’s just a president tweeting contradictory things all the time,” she said. “One day tweeting a picture of these sort of these Venetian blind looking things and the next day saying ‘no, no, it’s still a wall.’” Ball added that Trump was so erratic, that his own party was refusing to act on anything.

“‘Venetian blinds that are very pointy on the top,’” laughed Keilar. “We should point that out when he talks about the slats.”

Take a look at the video clip below:

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