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CNN President Just Pin-Pointed The Reason Trump Avoids The Media And It’s Terrifying

Donald Trump is not the biggest fan of the media and has publicly stated so. Week after week the U.S. president has something bad to say about the media, calling them dishonest and that they’re out to get him.

But why is it that Trump is so hostile to the media, why has he not made an appearance on CNN since August and on MSNBC since May of 2016?

CNN’s President Jeff Zucker gave his opinion as to why the president seems to be pushing away from any media that challenges him, saying that Trump “knows he would be held to account.”

“I believe CNN is the only major news organization in the country that has not had an interview with Trump as president,” Zucker said. “I do think that tells you he knows he would be held to account on CNN.”

Trump has been incognito from just about any news source that is not Fox News.

Trump has come up with ridiculous excuses as to why he’s been avoiding the media.

“I don’t mind bad stories. I can handle a bad story better than anybody as long as it’s true and, you know, over a course of time, I’ll make mistakes and you’ll write badly and I’m OK with that,” Trump said to CNN’s Jim Acosta during a February press conference.

“But I’m not OK when it is fake. I mean, I watch CNN, it’s so much anger and hatred and just the hatred,” Trump said, adding, “Ask Jeff Zucker how he got his job. OK?”

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