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CNN’s Dana Bash Rips ‘Extremely Dangerous’ Trump After Learning Bombing Suspect Was One Of His Supporters

CNN’s Dana Bash fired off a response to Donald Trump after learning that the person responsible for sending a bomb to her network was a Trump supporter.

Bash called Trump out for constantly attacking CNN and encouraging violence. Shortly after Cesar Sayoc was arrested for the mail bombs, his van was found and it had stickers on it praising the president and others that read ‘CNN sucks.”

“We are putting this picture up, this image of what was on that van for an extended period of time,” Bash explained. “That image, ‘CNN sucks,’ of course the president didn’t direct this. He’s not technically responsible for this, but he is responsible for not just allowing the chant, ‘CNN sucks’ at his rallies and stoking it — making clear that he likes it.”

“All you need is one, forgive me, crackpot, and we have been saying this for two years, and it looks like one has emerged,” she continued. “That is the danger. That is the reason why leadership is the way it is. You can have an enemy, you can have a political discussion and you can have discourse, but when you cross the line, it is extremely dangerous.”

“That is what has been a giant omission in everything we have heard from anybody at the White House,” she concluded.

Take a look at the video clip below:

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