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CNN’s David Gergen Eviscerates Trump Over ‘Deeply Disturbing’ Speech


CNN’s David Gergen Eviscerates Trump Over ‘Deeply Disturbing’ Speech

CNN senior political analyst David Gergen, who has advised four U.S. presidents, blasted president Donald Trump, saying on the erratic GOP leader delivered “the most divisive speech I’ve ever heard from a sitting American president” at a campaign-style rally in Pennsylvania on Saturday.

Trump held a freewheeling rally in Harrisburg, Pa., late Saturday to celebrate his 100th day in office, which, by all measures, has been a failure. But the failed president basked in the roars of the crowd as he touted his “accomplishments” and reiterated his campaign promise to repeal ObamaCare and building a “big, beautiful” wall on the U.S.-Mexico border.

Gergen said he found Trump’s speech “deeply disturbing,” suggesting that Trump is using “fear mongering” to re-ignite support from his base.

“He played to his base and he treated his other listeners, the rest of the people who have been disturbed about him or oppose him, he treated them basically as ‘I don’t care, I don’t give a damn what you think, because you’re frankly like the enemy,'” Gergen said on CNN.

“To bring your campaign speech into the presidency is something presidents rarely do,” Gergen added.

Trump also accused Democrats of obstructing his agenda, taking aim at Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.).

“Sen. Schumer is bad leader,” Trump said. “I’ve known him a long time. Sen. Schumer is a bad leader. Not a natural leader at all. He works hard to study leadership. When you have to study leadership, you’ve got problems.

“Sen. Schumer is weak on crime and wants to raise your taxes through the roof. He is a poor leader — known him a long time — and he’s leading the Democrats to doom.”

Trump also criticized coverage of his first 100 days in office at the rally, held on the same night as the annual, star-studded White House Correspondents’ Association dinner in Washington.

“I could not possibly be more thrilled than to be more than 100 miles away from Washington’s swamp, spending my evening with all of you and with a much, much larger crowd and much better people,” Trump said.

Watch the CNN segment in the video below:

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