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CNN’s John King Demolishes ‘Liar and Deceiver’ Trump In Brutal Fact Check Segment

CNN anchor John King unloaded on Donald Trump over the President’s unhinged press conference Friday morning, pointing out Trump’s many lies, falsehoods, and personal attacks on his critics.

“Amen, Mr. President, we should all agree with that. You should not lie on sacred ground,” remarked King cutting from a clip of Trump demanding “respect” for the White House and the presidency. “Twisting the truth is not respecting that very special place or the presidency.”

King then called out the president’s lack of respect for the press and for his own voters.

“Calling journalists or their questions stupid is not respectful,” he said.”Lying and misleading and stoking conspiracy theories to keep your supporters riled up disrespects them, in the place they voted for you to call home.”

“That’s how math works,” King scoffed after Trump complained that “out of the wilderness” Democrats were winning elections after the votes were counted. “Not out of the wilderness: in the places they were cast. They are called ‘ballots’ and ‘boxes’, that’s how they do it.” And he called the president’s claim that special counsel Robert Mueller should have been confirmed by the Senate “a misleading stunt.”

“The man who says the White House is very sacred and the presidency should be treated with respect never passes an opportunity to disrespect or smear any public servant or institution who fails to vow loyalty,” King concluded.

Watch King’s remarks in the video below.

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