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This Coca-Cola Superbowl Ad Taught Trump And His Supporters A Huge Lesson About America

In this emotional Super Bowl commercial, the Coca-Cola Company aims to teach Americans a basic lesson in civics – and to remind all of us that our diversity is what makes us who are and what made us great in the first place.

As Occupy Democrat’s Natalie Dickinson writes: “this ad was met with howls of much rage from racist conservatives the first time it was played; in today’s highly polarized climate and a White House that openly advocates for Islamophobic and a blatantly discriminatory agenda of white supremacy, it’s sure to provoke even louder roars of fury from newly empowered racists who have now learned what ‘miscegenation’ means.

They, however, should all watch this video again and realize this is the real America – not the absurd fantasy put forth by Republican politicians.'”

Take a look:

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