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Colorado Shooting Suspect Was a Member Of The Alt-Right: Report

A new report has revealed that Matthew Riehl, the Colorado man accused of killing a sheriff’s deputy and wounding four others, is a veteran of the Iraq War who is also a fervent supporter of the alt-right movement who posted memes in support of Donald Trump on his Facebook account.

Forbes reporter J.J. MacNab discovered Riehl’s Facebook page, in which he identifies himself as “Matt Gonzo,” and where he has posted multiple memes featuring Pepe the Frog, the cartoon that has been appropriated as a symbol for white nationalists.

Other of Riehl’s Facebook posts include calling former President Barack Obama a “lying piece of sh*t” and shared posts from alt-right website Breitbart News.

The Associated Press reported that Riehl appeared to have a grudge against local police officers, and posted multiple complaints about the Douglas County Sheriff’s Department on YouTube.

AP notes that Riehl in a December video called for “the firing of Douglas County Sheriff Tony Spurlock” and attacked him “in highly personal terms.” Riehl also said that during that video that he would be running as a “libertarian” candidate for Douglas County Sheriff.

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