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‘Collusion!’: Conservative Columnist Just Hit The Bullseye By Putting Trump At The Crime Scene

Conservative Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin wrote a column on Monday explaining just how the sentencing memo may prove that Donald Trump colluded with the Russian government during his presidential campaign.

“What if ‘collusion’ between Russians and Trump began much earlier in a plot to make hundreds of millions while Trump denied ‘any deals’ with the Russians?” she questioned.

Rubin also noted that Michael Cohen’s confession to special counsel Robert Mueller and his used of the word “synergy” suggests an ongoing effort on the sides of both parties to both win Trump the presidency and make him richer.

If there is evidence to prove Trump knew about and approved of this scheme, it makes it less important to prove “that he knew the Trump Tower meeting was ongoing,” she added.

“If synergy is collusion and Trump was in on it, we have collusion,” Rubin concluded. “It might not be illegal (e.g., lying to the public about a Russian deal isn’t necessarily illegal) but it might be impeachable — the ‘it’ being a fraud perpetrated on voters to convince them there were no Russian deals and there were no payoffs to women.”

“If the collusion extended to coordination and assistance from a foreign government,” she added, “[that] would almost certainly be illegal.”

The entire piece can be read HERE.

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