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Colorado Artist Trolls The GOP With Clever Billboard Exposing Trump’s Ties To Russia

A new billboard has appeared in the streets of Colorado that is trolling Republicans for their ties to Russia. The billboard shows the word “GOP” but the “O” is replaced with a Soviet-era hammer and sickle.

The billboard, which is located in Grand Junction, was made by blogger and author Anne Landman, according to The Daily Sentinel.

Landman told the newspaper that the idea for the billboard came after Donald Trump’s heavily criticized meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin where he refused to confront the world leader for interfering in the 2016 presidential election.

“The things he did and said, trusting Putin over the conclusions of all of our own country’s intelligence agencies, blaming Americans for Russian cyber attacks on our election, making secret agreements, offering to consider handing Americans over to Putin’s intelligence agents to be interrogated, it was just unbelievable,” Landman told the Sentinel.

“The billboard seems to be a lightning rod for the frustration of people with the Trump administration, and what it is doing to our country,” Landman told the newspaper.

According to the Sentinel, Landman had paid $265 to put the billboard up for a week, but after it went viral, she received $1,696 in donations and plans to put the sign in two other places.

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