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Complete Wipeout — Democrats Unseated All 59 Republican Judges Up For Re-election In Houston In The Midterms

The Democrats didn’t quite turn the great state of Texas blue, where Beto O’Rourke lost a close race to Ted Cruz and Greg Abbott won a second term as governor. But further down the ballot, especially in the big cities, the blue wave kicked Republicans out of the water.

In Houston, where a combination of Beto-fever and Texas’s straight-ticket-voting option meant that every single Republican judge on the Harris County bench lost their seats to Democrats — 59 new judges, all told, including more than a dozen black women, according to Vice News.

From the report:

“The stunning wipeout could mean a wholesale transformation of the judiciary in Houston, a city with one of the highest incarceration rates in the nation, a crisis over bail reform for indigent defendants, and a historic penchant for the death penalty.”

“For 19 black women and a socialist to be elected judge in Houston, which is the epicenter of mass incarceration, is not a small deal,” said Jay Jenkins, an attorney with the Texas Criminal Justice Coalition. “The possibility that we could fix some of the issues that the sitting judges have just proved unwilling or unable to fix is on the horizon.”

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