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Congress Can’t Allow Donald Trump To Get Away With This

President Donald Trump has been using all his tricks to try to fend off the inevitable release of the Mueller report, his tax returns, his banking records, and other things that are soon going to help expose him for what he really is. His strategy now consists of firing a bunch of his own people for who knows what reason, and partaking in a mind-bending amount of good old fashioned delusion.

On Wednesday, Trump said he will not authorize the release of his tax returns because he’s “under audit,” likely setting up a major legal battle over whether Congress can review his financial records.

“I’m not gonna do it while I’m under audit,” Trump told reporters at the White House, though congressional Democrats said the law does entitle them to review tax records.

Of course, that is not a legal requirement; he could release his returns whether they were under audit or not.

The Internal Revenue Service faces a congressional deadline Wednesday on whether to comply with a request for Trump’s records from the House Ways and Means Committee.

In an April 3 letter to the IRS, Rep. Richard Neal, D-Mass, the committee chairman, cited a law allowing Congress to review individual tax returns for legislative purposes. His committee, Neal wrote, is “considering legislative proposals and conducting oversight related to our Federal tax laws.”

Trump said Democrats are digging for dirt, even though “my finances are very clean.”

If the IRS follows through and refuses Congress’ request for Trump taxes, the House Ways and Means Committee may consider a subpoena for them. Trump aides, meanwhile, have indicated they are willing to go to court to test whether lawmakers have the constitutional right to review individual returns.

Trump’s lawyer, William Consovoy, sent the IRS a letter objecting to any release, saying Trump’s returns should be protected by privacy.
Defying tradition, Trump refused to release his returns during his 2016 presidential campaign, and has maintained his defiance since moving into the White House.

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