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Congresswoman Demands Extra Protection For Teenagers In The Senate Page Program If Moore Wins

A Congresswoman is calling for extra protections for Senate pages to prepare for the possible election of accused molester and Alabama GOP Senate candidate Roy Moore.

In a letter to the Senate Sergeant at Arms, Rep. Gwen Moore (D-Wis.) is demanding action to protect the teenagers in the Senate Page Program in from Roy Moore and other predatory members. Senate Pages are often in high school, and can be as young as 16 years old.

“Being away from home puts these young people in a very vulnerable position,” Moore writes in the letter, according to The Hill. “The nature of life on Capitol Hill necessitates long hours in close proximity to lawmakers and staff that can create power dynamics of which young people are not fully aware.”

“It would be unconscionable for Congress to not be vigilant and proactive in taking precautions to safeguard these children given the well-sourced allegations against Roy Moore,” she continues.

Roy Moore has been accused of sexual misconduct with teenagers. Nearly 10 women have come forward with allegations that Moore pursued them romantically or sexually as teenagers, including one who said he assaulted her at age 14 when he was 32.

Other stories about Roy Moore’s tendency to pursue young women have also come out since the allegations, including a report that he was banned from an Alabama mall, and that local police were instructed to keep him away from high school cheerleaders.

In the letter, Moore asks the Sergeant at Arms to provide information about what steps, if any, are being taken to “safeguard Senate Pages from predatory conduct of U.S. Senators and Senate staff.”

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