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Connecticut Governor Just Urged Law Enforcement Officials To NOT Follow Trump’s Immigration Order

Connecticut’s Democratic governor, Dannel Malloy, is encouraging his law enforcement officials to not comply with federal requests to detain residents who are in the country illegally. This comes a day after the Trump administration detailed plans that could lead to millions of deportations.

Molloy sent out a memo to state law enforcement and school district officials Wednesday, which stated that Connecticut officials should not detain anyone solely on the basis of their immigration status.

“Putting all opinions about this presidential executive order aside, its enforcement is going to have a local impact, especially given the constrained resources and financial impacts this will have on state and municipal budgets, which we already know are stretched to their limits, in addition to giving rise to serious concerns in affected communities,” Malloy said in a statement.

Connecticut is one of the few states which offers sanctuaries for undocumented immigrants. They passed a law in 2013 that allows them to only detain immigrants if they have been convicted of a felony, are a known gang member, are on a federal terrorism watch list or face criminal charges and have not posted bond.

Malloy is attempting to make schools a safe haven for immigrants by urging education officials to develop a plan in the event that immigration agents show up at schools. He also hopes the Trump administration to adhere to the same guidelines as the Obama administration, which put schools, courthouses and other “sensitive locations” off limits to immigration enforcement actions.

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