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Conservative Doctor Sued After Firing Employee For Being An ‘Un-Godly’ Single Mom


Conservative Doctor Sued After Firing Employee For Being An ‘Un-Godly’ Single Mom

A Texas doctor and his wife are now being sued by former employees for forcing them to attend daily Bible readings and for firing staff members for being “un-Godly.”

The Dallas Morning News reported on Monday that Dr. Tim Shepherd, of Lewisville, is being sued by four former employees, saying that they were forced to practice Christianity and being laid off for religious differences.

According to the suit, former employees Almeda Gibson, Courtney Maldonado, Stacy O’Laughlin and Joshua Stoner were forced to attend religious meetings to begin the workday against their wishes.

“These meetings typically began each workday morning with a reading or study of Biblical verses and principles and included a discussion of how the religious principles could be related or applied to the personal lives of the employees,” the 9-page complaint alleges. “These mandatory meetings were usually led by the business owners, Dr. Timothy Shepherd or his wife Virginia Shepherd.”

The suit also states that Maldonado was demoted for expressing her feeling towards being forced to practice Christianity at the office. “She believed it was wrong to require employees to attend meetings at which a specific religion is discussed in such detail.”

“The day after Ms. Maldonado’s transfer, the Shepherds called a meeting with Ms. Maldonado and the employees she had supervised as clinical supervisor and told the group that Ms. Maldonado had been removed from that position because she was not leading them property, was not following Christ and was not seeing the Shepherd’s vision,” the complaint explains, before adding, “The following week, in early March 2016, Mrs. Shepherd called Ms. Maldonado and another employee into her office and told them both that they needed to be ‘more Godly’ and ‘wash the feet’ of others. Ms. Maldonado was fired on March 9, 2016.”

Employee Stacy O’Laughlin states in the suit that she was fired one month after Shepherd’s wife told her that being a single mother was “not what God wanted.”

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