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Conservative Pundit Torches GOP For Ignoring Fox News And Trump’s Abuse Of Women

Appearing on CNN Wednesday morning, Republican commentator Margaret Hoover blasted GOP lawmakers for “ignoring” the Sexual assault and harassment allegations against powerful men, saying she was shocked by the differences in the way the left and right deal with these issues.

“It is shocking to me how differently the left and the right have handled major sex scandals,” Hoover said. “When Bill O’Reilly and Roger Ailes were revealed to be predatory, but I can point to two people in the conservative universe who said this is bad behavior and it is not conservative.”

She added: “On the left, you have movie star after politician, senators, disavowing bad behavior. It’s a really stark contrast between now the political left and the political right handle this situation.”

While conservatives have been quick to criticize Hillary Clinton and former President Barack Obama for taking too long to come out against Weinstein, they did do it. On the right, many excused President Donald Trump’s abhorrent behavior as “locker room talk” and refused to come out against Fox News harassers.

Co-host Chris Cuomo noted that allegations came out about Trump before the election and women still voted him into office.

“People dismissed it immediately,” Cuomo recalled. “We were shocked at how little impact that tape had. I’m not saying he’s Harvey Weinstein, I’m saying the cultural discussion about why women don’t want to come forward, why nothing changes, why men abuse a power dynamic on a rogue basis, why wouldn’t it be when it was just ignored in the major election?”

Hoover and Cuomo also brought up binding arbitration agreements in contracts being a major component to things like this that prevent women from suing in public courts. Trump is also notorious for mandating anyone associated with him sign non-disclosure agreements and has sued for those who violated them.

Watch the full segment in the video below:

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