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Conservative Radio Host Says Trump Is ‘The First’ And ‘Greatest Black President’

Wayne Allen Root, a conservative radio host and prominent supporter of Donald Trump, told his listeners on his Newsmax show that Trump is the “first black president” in America.

Root started by listing Trump’s accomplishments among the black community.

“The unemployment rate for black people 16 and older was 5.4 percent in August of 2019 — the lowest rate in recorded history,” Root said in a video clip flagged by Media Matters’ Jason Campbell.

Root then recalled a column he wrote for Fox News in 2015 where he predicted that Trump would be “the greatest black president ever.”

“…you remember Bill Clinton was white and they called him the first black president, so I’m calling Trump the first black president because he’s so good with money, so good with the economy, so good at creating jobs, I think you’ll find once he’s elected he will be the greatest jobs president for black Americans ever. Right?”

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