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Conservative WSJ Just Destroyed Trump With This Heated Op-Ep


Conservative WSJ Just Destroyed Trump With This Heated Op-Ep

Donald Trump hates when the media reports the truth about him, that’s why he mainly relies on Fox News to back him up. So when a conservative news site decides to go against Trump it stings the president even more.

This week, the conservative news site Wall Street Journal decided to fire back at Trump for his ban on transgender people serving in the military.

In a blistering op-ed, the conservative site attacked Trump’s reckless tweet by pointing out that making major policy changes through Twitter was the height of irresponsibility.

“Notwithstanding that the President dedicated some 520 characters to the U.S. military’s new transgender policy, officials at the Pentagon have expressed some, er, confusion about the details of the directive, whose timing apparently took them by surprise,” the editors wrote.

The editorial board went on to point out that Trump doesn’t seem to consult with anyone when making policies.

“Issuing a major Pentagon policy change, via Twitter , before anything resembling the details of that policy exists, as happened with the initial travel ban, is awful management,” the editors explained. “It diverts and wastes the valuable time of the Administration’s highest officials. It creates (another) political storm and inevitably lawsuits that no one has had time to prepare for. Mr. Trump keeps driving policy like he’s the only person in government—and if he keeps it up, he might be.”

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