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Conservatives Losing Majority In UK Election, Exit Polls Suggest

Exit polls from BBC are showing that Conservatives in the United Kingdom might be losing seats as a result of Thursday’s election. This means that the UK could be on course for a hung parliament.

The Hill reported on Thursday:

The Conservatives had 330 seats in parliament before the snap election compared to 229 for Labour. A party must control 326 to have a majority. Current exit polls show the Tories losing 16 seats, while the Labour Party picks up 37. In a distant third is the Scottish National Party with 34 and the Liberal Democrats in fourth with just 14 seats.

Polls closed in the United Kingdom at 5:00 p.m. EST, and reporting on election results is forbidden in the country before polls are closed. Election poll results in the country are historically inaccurate. As The Guardian noted, poll results from the BBC and ITN are often off by double digits in terms of how many seats each party will pick up or lose. Most recently in 2015, the BBC’s exit polls were off by 22 seats, suggesting the Tories would be 10 seats short of a majority when they ended up with a majority of 12 seats.

Things are looking bad for conservative Prime Minister Theresa May, as she was looking to strengthen her party before beginning negotiations to Brexit.

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