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Conservatives Are Using This Image For The Most Disturbing Purpose — Take a Look

Conservatives are so hellbent in spreading hatred and division that they have sunk to a level devoid of any sense of decency.

Following Donald Trump’s lead, conservatives have worked their followers into a lather over the NFL. By taking aim at the black athletes protesting police brutality through the simple act of kneeling during the national anthem the erratic president has been able to rally his bigoted zealots against a racial other, shoring up his base’s support amidst a sea of growing controversies and legislative failures.

The latest assault in Trump’s campaign against the NFL is an image going viral on Conservative circles. It depicts the Seattle Seahawks celebrating as they burn a flag inside their locker room. The only problem? The image is photoshopped.

Here’s the original image:

Seahawks players celebrate in the locker room. Image Imgur.

It’s both disturbing and pathetic that racists would go so far out of their way to roil up hatred against black athletes as taking an image of a team joyfully bonding and warping it to make them look bad.

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