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Construction Worker Who Flashed Confederate Flag At Work To Piss People Off Just Got Fired

According to a report by the CBC, a construction worker who decided to fly the Confederate at his work site just to piss people off has been fired.

CBC reported on Monday that Keith Lipiec was caught waving the Confederate flag at his work site in Hamilton, Ontario, for the “shits and giggles.”

Lipiec said, “I just wanted to do it for sh*ts and giggles — and if I piss a few people off along the way, then so be it.”

Lipiec might have thought it was funny but unfortunately for him his bosses did not.

Yoke Group owner and CEO Anthony Quattrociocch stated, “I have absolutely zero tolerance for this behaviour. He will no longer be working for Yoke Group.”

Lipiec had also spoken about the Charlottesville white supremacy marches prior to his firing.

“Yeah, some guy ran over a whole bunch of people, so be it. It happens every day,” he explained. “There’s good and there’s bad [with the flag] — same as the swastika, and the Nazis, and that flag. That was stolen from the religious people that actually believed in that symbol and everybody mistakes it for Hitler and the Nazis, and it’s not even true.’

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