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Watch: Kellyanne Conway Preaches Alternative Reality About The Gov Shutdown

White House counselor and alternative facts evangelist Kellyanne Conway said on Thursday that President Donald Trump may have started the government shutdown but he doesn’t “own” it “any longer.”

Conway made the statement while speaking to reporters at the White House, according to CBS correspondent Mark Knoller.

Conway went on to insist that the president would continue the shutdown if Democratic leaders do not agree to funding for a border wall.

“You can say ‘wall’ all you want, you can make it a four-letter word,” Conway said. “Nancy Pelosi yesterday just ingored and interrupted and was, frankly, just rude and dismissive [during a meeting with the president.]”

“So that was really poor form,” she added. “But the president has graciously invited them back here tomorrow. And hopefully they will come recognizing that border security is not a partisan issue.”

Watch the video below from CBS.

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