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Kellyanne Conway’s Face Is Melting At An Accelerated Pace And The Internet Has a Theory

Kellyanne Conway’s sunken face is getting a lot of attention lately. I have no opinion one way or another about her appearance, but she surely looks like hell these days.

Conway looks gaunt and exhausted; her right eye droops sometimes; she has dark circles under her eyes. Internet users are attributing the shockingly rapid deterioration of Conway’s facial features to sun exposure and possible alcohol and/or tobacco abuse. Some users blame “excessive lying” as the main culprit for the sudden facial meltdown.

“Allow me to be blunt. This is not normal for a woman her age,” one user wrote. “Barring Trump’s impeachment or the redundancy of Mrs. Conway, the president of the United States will have a counselor with no face by the end of his administration,” he added.

A White House staffer dismissed the hilarious warning as “nonsense.”

“There’s anything wrong with Conway’s face. It looks fine to me,” the official said. “That’s all just part of the natural aging process.”

Experts agree that aging can happen in spurts, and that these bursts of activity are driven by the way we live and the traumas we suffer. Whether it is crash-dieting or being made redundant, events such as these can quickly put years on our face.

However, that hasn’t stopped some internet users from joking that some of senior counselor’s prominent appendages, including her nose and ears, are in imminent danger of falling off… “unless she stops lying.”

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