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Corruption Erupts: Trump Using Taxpayer Funds To Advertise His Mar-A-Lago Resort

On Monday, CNN host Jake Tapper pointed out that taxpayer-financed websites are “shamelessly” advertising President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago club in Florida.

“Well, they’re just shamelessly promoting his products on U.S. government, taxpayer-financed websites. And we know that Mar-a-Lago has benefited from President Trump being elected president,” Tapper said on CNN’s “The Lead.”

A blog published by the U.S. Embassy in London that promoted Trump’s resort, saying it’s the place that has “become well known as the President frequently travels there to work or host foreign leaders.”

“Now we are learning that the State Department promoted the property and still is promoting the property on websites describing it as, ‘the winter White House, and a prominent place where President Trump hosts foreign leaders,’ ” Tapper said.

Mar-a-Lago, or as Trump himself has called it the Winter White House, has doubled it’s initiation fee to $200,000.

Trump has used his Mar-A-Lago resort to greet foreign leaders, including Chinese President Xi Jinping.

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