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Corruption: Here’s What The Trump Administration Is Doing To ‘Dumb Down’ The American Public

The Trump administration have decided to retain certain date that was previously available to the public by hiding it or completely eliminating it, according to The Washington Post.

An example would be the Occupational Safety and Health Administration that has limited the publication of the fines it imposes on employers.

The administration also took down websites from the Obama era. This includes Obama’s practice to publicly publish the White House visitor logs.

“The President has made a commitment that his Administration will absolutely follow the law and disclose any information it is required to disclose,” Kelly Love, a spokeswoman for the White House, told the newspaper.

Love went on to say that the administration “requires all employees to work closely with ethics counsel to ensure compliance. Per the President’s Executive Order, violators will be held accountable by the Department of Justice.”

According to experts, it’s not an accident that the Trump administration has decreased information that the public can access.

Nathan Cortez, who analyzes public data at Southern Methodist University, said that the Obama administration increased government public data, although it was not always exact. But under President Trump, transparency is moving “in the opposite direction.”

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