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Court Docs: Giuliani Associate Who Helped Him Dig Dirt On Biden Received $1 Million From Russia

Court documents filed by prosecutors revealed that Lev Parnas, the associate of Rudy Giuliani who has been indicted as part of an alleged campaign finance scheme, recently received $1 million from Russia. It’s unclear if the money is connected to Giuliani’s work in Ukraine.

The prosecutors asked the court to revoke Parnas’ bail and that he enter the government’s custody, arguing that he poses a serious flight risk after hiding the fact that he received Russian money,

In addition to omitting the money he allegedly received from Russia, prosecutors said Parnas failed to reveal other payments amount he recently received from a law firm or the money he had in an escrow account, tied to a $4.5 million property he intended on buying.

They said with regard to the Russian funds, “While the majority of the money appears to have been used on personal expenses and to purchase a home … some portion of that money existed in Account-1 at the time Parnas submitted his financial affidavit.”

Parnas’s lawyers said they are working on a response to the government’s new claims.

“We will file a written response in the coming days,” attorney Joseph Bondy told ABC News. “We look forward to a hearing next week in court.”

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