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‘Creepy’ Trump Gets Blasted On Twitter After Drooling About Women’s Arms In Front Of Baylor Women’s Basketball Team

Donald Trump finally gets a championship team to visit him in the White House and what does he do? He appears to sexually harass them by drooling over their “beautiful arms.”

On Monday, the Baylor women’s basketball team visited the White House after being crowned NCAA champions.

While at the oval office, Trump was gifted a team jersey and things just got creepy after that.

“I love those short sleeves,” Trump told the women. “Such beautiful arms. Great definition.”

He went on to beg the coach to come and work for him.

Trump got tossed around Twitter after his creepy encounter with the team. Many users noted how most of the team looked like they were forced to be there, while others called out the president for offering them fast food.

Here are some of the best responses:

Even one of the team’s player roasted Trump for offering them fast food.

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