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Crime Rate Came To A Historic Low Under Obama. It’s Going Up Under Trump

President Donald Trump took office promising to end what in his inaugural address he called “this American carnage.” Well, the carnage has gotten worse under his watch, according to according to a preliminary report from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

FBI data shows both violent and property crime rates fell to a historic low during the Barack Obama administration.

Violent crime rates fell most in the nation’s largest cities, the new FBI data show. Rates of violent crime in cities with more than a million residents fell by 3.3 percent. Property crime rates fell most in smaller cities with populations below 50,000.

But violent crime has gone up since Trump took office. The murder rate rose by 1.5 percentage points in the first half of 2017 according to the FBI report.

Even with recent jumps, however, overall crime rates are well below historic highs reached in the early 1990s.

The overall crime rate peaked in 1991, when about 5,850 crimes were committed per 100,000 Americans. In 2015, the overall crime rate stood at 2,857 per 100,000 residents — less than half the 1991 levels.

Thanks, Obama.

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