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Cummings Just Called Trump Out For Constantly Promoting ‘Textbook Racism’


Cummings Just Called Trump Out For Constantly Promoting ‘Textbook Racism’

On Saturday Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-Md.) called out Donald Trump for constantly promoting “textbook racism.” Cummings comments come after Trump decided to pardon former Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

Cummings tweeted on Saturday while citing a report about the Arpaio pardon, “Over & over again, #POTUS has promoted what @SpeakerRyan once called ‘textbook racism’ while exhibiting contempt for the rule of law.”

“#POTUS claims that he wants to unite the country and fight against racism, yet his own words and actions show the opposite,” Cummings continued.

“He has followed up on his abhorrent statements about #Charlottesville by pardoning a racist cop for his crimes against minorities.”

“President Trump is sending a message with these words and his actions, and it is one of hate and divisiveness rather than hope and unity,” Cummings concluded.

It’s hard to say Trump isn’t a racist when he pulls off something like this. A man convicted of a racist crime is roaming the streets, facing no consequences.

Cummings also connected Trump’s pardon of Arpaio to his comments in response to the Charlottesville riot.

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