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Damaging Evidence Reveals Russia Used Facebook To Organize Pro-Trump Rallies

New evidence revealed on Wednesday showed that not only did Russia use Facebook to run fake news to hurt Hillary Clinton’s campaign, but they also used the media app to organize pro-Trump rallies in swing states like Florida.

According to The Daily Beast:

“Suspected Russia propagandists on Facebook tried to organize more than a dozen pro-Trump rallies in Florida during last year’s election, The Daily Beast has learned. The demonstrations—at least one of which was promoted online by local pro-Trump activists— brought dozens of supporters together in real life. They appear to be the first case of Russian provocateurs successfully mobilizing Americans over Facebook in direct support of Donald Trump.”

According to the report, Russians created events in Florida called “Florida Goes Trump” and others in Philadelphia called “Miners for Trump.”

Trump has denied any involvement by the Russian government during the presidential election last year, but the evidence is getting clearer and clearer that Russia did want Trump to win the presidency.

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