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Dana Loesch Just Tried Justifying Owning A Gun By Saying MLK Wouldn’t Be Dead If He Had Carried One

Yesterday was the anniversary of the death of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, who was shot and killed while standing on the balcony outside his second-story room at the Lorraine Motel in Memphis, Tennessee.

NRA spokeswoman Dana Loesch tried to justify his assassination by saying that if King had carried a gun he would probably still be alive.

During a four-minute rant video, Loesch claimed that King would have survived if he had been allowed to carry a weapon.

“Despite his attempt to make King’s death a failure of gun control policies at the time, he finds no room to mention that King himself had sought to own a weapon, for his own self-defense, and he was denied,” Loesch said.

“While Dr. King, later on, had a, yeah, because he embraced nonviolence, had a different view of firearm ownership, but he was very consistent with that, but he also recognized how important it was for everyone to be able to defend themselves,” Loesch said.

Loesch then suggested that she — and not the teenage survivors of a school shooting in Parkland, Florida — was the rightful heir of King’s legacy.

“Everyone wants to be right so bad that no one wants to understand why they’re wrong, and why it’s better for them maybe, perhaps, to have a public engagement of ideas instead of screaming at everyone that you’re terrorists or murderers,” Loesch said. “That’s one of the things — as a kid — that I took away from what Dr. King did in the nonviolent movement.”

Take a look at the rant in the video clip below:

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