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Dan Rather Responds To Donald Trump’s Bogus Claim Of ‘Illegal’ Voters, And Is Driving Him Bananas


Dan Rather Responds To Donald Trump’s Bogus Claim Of ‘Illegal’ Voters, And Is Driving Him Bananas

The fact that Hilary Clinton won the popular vote by over 2 million ballots is apparently a serious burr in Trump’s saddle, and he isn’t happy with all this talk about ‘recount’. So yesterday, he decided to go for broke and complain about how “illegal” voters were denying him victory in the popular vote.

Trump took to Twitter to pick up on a common right-wing conspiracy, insinuating that Democrats had stacked the voter rolls with dead people, felons, and illegal immigrants, and making sure everyone knew that he just won, period:

trump-vote-tweetDonald Trump has lost the popular vote by over 2 million votes, and that is indisputable. But while he continues to complain about his inability to recapture the popular vote – which clearly bothers him on a personal level – he is disregarding the duties of state and the office he now is going to hold.

This fact was highlighted by legendary reporter Dan Rather who took to Facebook to express his disapproval of Trump’s childish refutations:

“Could someone who has Donald Trump’s ear please take away his phone and tell him that he now has a very big job to do that requires paying attention to reality? There are no training wheels for being president. You go from a common citizen to the most powerful person on the planet. And that is not a joke.

“He’s got the whole world in his hands” is an old spiritual that has become a favorite of camping trips and sing-a-longs about the power of the Almighty. But when it comes to the affairs of humankind and the planet, you could make the case that you could almost say the same thing about the powers of the president of the United States.

War and peace. Justice and the economy. Even now with the looming catastrophe of climate change, the very health of our Earth. All are in the hands of the president. But here we have Donald Trump, who will soon be sitting behind the desk of the Oval Office tasked with decisions that will shape millions of lives and our world, tweeting lies – lies – about illegal votes.

The very job description of the presidency is you can’t afford to be petty. Richard Nixon was and it destroyed him. But I can’t think of anyone else who was so obsessed with apparent slights and minutiae. Donald Trump has won the presidency. I know there is a movement to recount votes in a few key states, but barring a plot twist worthy of the Twilight Zone I can’t see all of this changing much. For Trump it should be a minor distraction to task a junior aid to keep in touch with not what dominates his mind to such a degree that he issues multiple public statements about it – statements far adrift from any reported fact.”

So there you have it. It’s twisting Trump’s guts that more people voted for Hillary Clinton than voted for him. And this whole recount thing in Wisconsin seems to have driven him bananas.

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