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Days Before The Mass Shooting, Florida Republicans Fought To Allow Guns In Airports


Days Before The Mass Shooting, Florida Republicans Fought To Allow Guns In Airports

Republicans, who consider themselves ‘pro-life’, who would rather do away with plan parenthood than enforce gun laws, have fought to allow guns in airports days before the Fort Lauderdale Airport shooting.

Since the year started that has already been seven mass shooting in the country. 12 people have died and 31 have been injured. The most recent shooting took place at Fort Lauderdale International Airport in Florida this past Friday, where five people died and six were wounded.

Just a few days before the shooting, Florida Republicans were pushing to pass the SB 140, a gun bill that would allow guns to be carried in airport terminals.

According to ThinkProgressive, the bill “would repeal laws which, among other things, ban guns in airport terminals like the one where the shooting occurred. If passed, the legislation would allow those with concealed carry licenses to bring guns into passenger terminals.”

26-year-old Esteban Santiago, the man who was responsible for the shooting in the Fort Lauderdale Airport, was carrying a handgun in his checked luggage.

One would think that have seven mass shootings in the first seven days of the new year would change the minds of Republicans to start enforcing gun laws. But that’s not the case.

Republican Greg Steube is the new Chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee, and a sponsor of the SB 140 bill. He says:

“If you want to kill as many people as possible before the cops arrive then you are likely to go to a place where law-abiding citizens can’t carry. That’s what we’ve seen, time and time again and why I think we shouldn’t have them.”

Republicans seem to want to ignore the problem. Florida Governor Rick Scott (R) did not talk to President Obama after the shootings, instead he went straight to the Republican President-elect Donald Trump. Saying that, “I have a personal relationship with Vice President Pence and President-elect Trump, and I reached out.”

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