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De Blasio Releases His Tax Returns In Taunting Tweet To Trump


De Blasio Releases His Tax Returns In Taunting Tweet To Trump

Donald Trump has yet to release his tax returns and unlike what Kellyanne Conway said, the people do want to see his returns.

On Tuesday New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio tweeted out images of his tax returns. Alongside the picture the Mayor added a question for the president.

“See, President Trump? It’s not that hard,” de Blasio tweeted.

Blasio also attached a link to a blog post that slammed Trump and other Republicans for proposed tax cuts.

“Tax time also confronts us with the cruel absurdity of what President Trump and his Republican enablers in Congress are doing,” de Blasio wrote.

“They want to slash sensible government investments in education, health care and other key areas that most Americans rely on.”

The White House made an announcement Monday that Trump will not be releasing his 2016 tax returns due to an ongoing audit, although the IRS says the audit doesn’t prevent Trump from making his records public.

“Trump will not release his taxes [because] he has something to hide. He’s only out to enrich himself, his wealthy cabinet, and White House swamp,” Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) tweeted on Tuesday.

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