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NY Mayor Stands Up To The President: City Will Uphold Paris Climate Agreement If Trump Doesn’t

New York Mayor Bill de Blassio (D) has decided to stand up to Donald Trump and promised on Wednesday that his city will uphold the Paris climate agreement if Trump ultimately moves forward with his promise to withdraw from the accord.

“The president withdrawing from the Paris Agreement would be horribly destructive for the planet, the country, and this city,” de Blassio tweeted on Wednesday.

He went on to add, “President Trump should know that climate change is a dagger aimed straight at the heart of New York City.”

“The Paris Accord was the biggest step forward we’ve taken in many years. It’s unconscionable for the president to step away from it,” de Blasio said. “But we’ll take matters into our own hands.”

De Blassio made a promise to sign an executive order that will signal the city’s intent to uphold the Paris agreement.

Trump tweeted Wednesday morning, “I will be announcing my decision on the Paris Accord over the next few days. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!”

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