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Dem Challenging Nunes For House Seat Inches Closer After Memo Release

The midterm elections are right around the corner and Republicans are concerned about losing control of the House and the Senate. The newest member of that list is Rep. Devin Nunes (R) who is inching closer to losing his California House seat.

Andrew Janz, the Democrats challenging Nunes, has gained popularity following the memo controversy. According to his campaign spokesperson, Janz’s campaign raised $111,506 over Thursday and Friday, and $54,394 on Friday alone.

“Our dramatic increase in contributions is a direct reflection of Nunes’s actions,” said Janz campaign manager Heather Greven. “[Nunes] has given Andrew’s campaign the best gift we could have received, he put a national target on his back and has made this a top 5 race. He is doing everything possible to make this a winnable race for us.”

A recent poll from Public Policy Polling has put Janz just five points away from Nunes. And now that the memo was released, Nunes might be looking at a tighter race than he imagined.

Nunes was heavily criticized for the memo that attacked the FBI in order to favor Donald Trump.

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