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Dem Congressman Delivers Devastating Response To Kavanaugh’s ‘Angry’ Tone In Hearing


Dem Congressman Delivers Devastating Response To Kavanaugh’s ‘Angry’ Tone In Hearing

Following a dramatic testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee, in which professor Christine Blasey Ford testified that she is ‘100%’ certain Brett Kavanaugh assaulted her, the Supreme Court nominee launched into an angry rant, accusing Democrats of running “a circus” and vowing: “You’ll never get me to quit.”

Kavanaugh’s angry tone prompted Democratic Rep. Ted Lieu (Calif.) to point out his furious testimony as evidence of how the judge may act when inebriated.

In a tweet, the Democratic lawmaker noted that Kavanaugh appeared “angry” during his opening statement and in subsequent questioning from Democratic senators and prosecutor Rachel Mitchell, who questioned Kavanaugh on behalf of Republicans.

“If Brett Kavanaugh can be this angry on national TV, imagine what he’s like when he gets inebriated,” Lieu tweeted Thursday during Kavanaugh’s testimony.

The lawmaker’s tweet also retweeted Sirius XM host Dean Obeidallah, who remarked that Kavanaugh “is one of those rare people who gets less likable the more he talks.”

Kavanaugh forcefully denied Ford’s allegations and those from two other women during his testimony, specifically referring to one accuser’s allegations, those of Julie Swetnick, as “a joke.”

The Judiciary panel is set to vote on sending Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Senate floor on Friday, while Democrats have urged Chairman Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) to delay the vote and press the Trump administration for an FBI investigation into the three women’s claims.

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