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Dem Congressman Slams GOP For Putting On A Show For Fox News Viewers With Peter Strzok Hearing: Watch

Rep. Steve Cohen (D-TN) slammed Republicans on Thursday for holding a House hearing with FBI agent Peter Strozk just to satisfy the people that watch Fox News.

Cohen began by thanking Strozk.

“You have dedicated your life to working against that type of involvement [by Russians] and against that type of effort of our democracy and undermine it,” Cohen said. “I thank you for it. It’s astonishing to me that you would be put on trial as you have been today.”

Cohen then went on to call out Republicans for holding an unnecessary hearing.

Reading the Inspector General’s report, Cohen said, “There was no evidence of the conclusion of the prosecutors affected by bias or other consideration rather we determine it was based on the facts and laws and best department’s practices.”

“With that as a fact, there’s no reason for this hearing,” Cohen concluded. “But it puts it on the front page again and again. And as you said earlier, the Russians love it. Because this is what they want. This is what they want. You’d think this is Benghazi, it was a never-ending television show from Congress that got nowhere — except tried to influence the people that watch Fox News. That’s what this is about.”

“This is nothing but a ruse that tried to get to the Mueller investigation and make people think it’s baseless and biased. That it’s 13 Democrats who are working on this and they are biased because just as Jack Nicholson said in the movie ‘A Few Good Men’ ‘you can’t handle the truth.’ The truth is that this is the most corrupt administration ever and it is going to be exposed by Robert Mueller and thank god, I yield back,” he concluded.

Watch the video clip below:

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