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Dem Lawmaker Hands Trump Bad News About His Border Wall

Rep. Barbara Lee (D-CA) made an appearance on State of the Union on Sunday to answer some questions about the Trump administration’s immigration policies.

Lee was asked about funding Donald Trump’s border wall in exchange for Dreamers to be allowed to stay.

Transcript via CNN:

BASH: — what if there is a deal in the works to say let the Dreamers stay and in return, the president gets his money for his wall?

LEE: Hell, no.

First of all, young people should not be held hostage to…


GUTIERREZ: That’s right. This is like a ransom.


LEE: — racist backward politics.

People’s lives are being played with. Hundreds and thousands of hard working people who contribute to this country are worried that they will have to return to a country they know nothing about.

The Trump administration says they care for Dreamers, when in fact they don’t. It shouldn’t be such a complicated decision if they care about Dreamers as much as Trump says they do.

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