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Dem Senator Calls For Investigation Into Ryan Zinke’s Use Of Military Helicopters

President Trump’s Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke’s travel continues to raise ethical questions after it was revealed that he used military helicopters to travel to and from events within a few hours of his Washington office, costing taxpayers more than $14,000.

Now a Democratic senator has called for an investigation into his use of government helicopters, CNN reported Friday.

Sen. Maria Cantwell, a Democrat from Washington state, called for the investigation to include Zinke’s “taxpayer-funded helicopter rides.”

“If he misused public funds, he should write the Treasury a check for the full amount and apologize,” she said.

Zinke is one of several Trump administration Cabinet officials who have come under scrutiny for their travel habits since Tom Price racked up half a million dollars in flights on private jets as health and human services secretary. Price resigned over the controversy in September.

As reported by Politico, travel records show Zinke used government and state-owned helicopters on other occasions, such as when touring national monuments during his review of federally owned land.

This is not the first time Zinke has come under scrutiny. In October, the Montana native became the subject of attention after it was reported that a small Montana company with only two full-time employees was awarded a $300 million contract to help get the power back on in Puerto Rico.

The company, Whitefish Energy is located in Zinke’s hometown. Zinke and the owner are close friends.

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