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Democratic Governor Vetoes GOP Budget Next To Pile Of ‘Bull-You-Know-What’ (VIDEO)


Democratic Governor Vetoes GOP Budget Next To Pile Of ‘Bull-You-Know-What’ (VIDEO)

West Virginia governor Gov. Jim Justice (D) didn’t hold back when he vetoed a budget bill next to a silver platter of bull feces, sending a strong message to Republicans that their bill stinks for the cuts it required.

“We don’t have a nothing burger today,” Gov. Justice said, unveiling silver platters as he went. “And we don’t have a mayonnaise sandwich today. We all should take ownership for this, but what we have is nothing more than a bunch of political bull-you-know-what.”

The crowd in attendance cheered. Then he lifted another platter, revealing a pile of feces on top of the legislature’s budget bill.

“And for that very reason,” the governor continued,”I’m signing my veto on the budget bill,” as the crowd erupted in applause.

The vetoed budget would have cut funding for Medicaid and universities in the state, and did not contain tax increases proposed by the governor, including a hike on taxes on the wealthy. The veto will require a legislative special session to come up with a new bill before the new fiscal year in July.

After vetoing the bill, the Governor tweeted:

“When our legislators play politics with the budget, the people of WV get a pile of bull-?. We deserve a budget that takes us to prosperity.”

Watch the video below:

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