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Democratic Group On The Verge Of Taking Down The Entire GOP

The Atlantic reported on Wednesday of a Democratic organization known as Future Now whose main goal is to build a long-term progressive agenda that can be put into action within a decade.

According to the Atlantic, the primary goal of the organization is not to take down Donald Trump but to establish Democratic strength in state legislatures.

The Atlantic reported:

“I don’t think this is a crisis that was created by Donald Trump, and I don’t think it’s solved by beating him. I think that he is a reflection of a really broken politics,” one of the co-founders, former State Senator Daniel Squadron of New York, told me. “State legislatures are the most important part of American civic life that’s been forgotten, except by the worst elements of politics and vested special interests. We have decided to focus all of our energy on the least glamorous, often most frustrating part of politics.”

According to the report, the Democratic group wants to find a liberal answer to the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), a conservative “bill mill” that many GOP state legislators use to crib policy on everything from immigration policy to energy deregulation.

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