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Democratic Women In Congress Poised To Fight Trump’s Forces Of Hate And Bigotry


Democratic Women In Congress Poised To Fight Trump’s Forces Of Hate And Bigotry

As tens of thousands of Americans organize protests and acts of dissent against the new president’s election, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) along with members of the Democratic Women of the Senate have begun to echo the defiance seen on the streets of major cities across the nation, vowing to fight back against Donald Trump’s “forces of hate and bigotry.”

Hillary Clinton may have lost to Donald Trump on Election Day but it certainly wasn’t because of her debate performances. Clinton systematically dismantled him piece by piece on the debate stage right down to the moment where he muttered into the mic, “Such a nasty woman.”

Those debate performances now provide the perfect road map for how Democrats on Capitol Hill can learn to play Donald Trump like a fiddle and, in particular, how Democratic women can get under his thin, orange skin.

Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have been measured in their language, in keeping with the traditions of the post-election period of transition between administrations.

But Sen. Warren, who is one of the leading Trump-blasters of her party, issued a blistering statement on Friday, warning that she would fight Trump “every step of the way” if he tries to govern the same way he campaigned.

So while it’s totally lamentable that someone as classically flawed as Donald Trump will soon be serving as our president, it does provide strategic advantages. Notably, Trump just can’t stand having his authority challenged by women. So the perfect people to pick up the Clintons’ mantle are Democratic women in safe congressional seats.

Nancy Pelosi seems to be positioning herself alongside Warren. And certainly, someone like California’s newest senator, Kamala Harris, would be in the perfect position to go after Trump.

Trump is at his most unhinged when reacting to widespread criticism of things he said or did. There’s just no way his team can insulate him from his own predictable impulses. They can’t permanently deny him of both his twitter account and access to cable news, the internet, etc.

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