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Democrats’ 2018 Lead Expands As Voters Are Eager To Punish GOP Over Tax Bill: Poll


Democrats’ 2018 Lead Expands As Voters Are Eager To Punish GOP Over Tax Bill: Poll

On Wednesday, Republicans celebrated the passage of a tax cut legislation that adds more than a trillion dollars to federal debt while undermining health care for millions. They passed it while violating all procedural Senate rules, having held not a single hearing and rushed to a vote before the new senator from Alabama could be seated. The process was so tainted that the House was forced to revote on the unpopular bill.

But as President Trump and his Republican allies brag about ramming their tax scam through Congress, the American people appear eager to punish them at the polls in next year’s midterm elections.

Democrats now lead the GOP by a whopping 18 points among registered voters – the largest lead they’ve held in two decade’s worth of midterm election cycles, according to a CNN poll released Wednesday.

As CNN states:
“That 18-point edge is the widest Democrats have held in CNN polling on the 2018 contests, and the largest at this point in midterm election cycles dating back two decades. The finding follows several other public polls showing large double-digit leads for Democrats on similar questions.

Independent voters favor Democrats by a 16-point margin, 51% to 35%, similar to the 50% to 36% margin by which they favored Democrats in fall of 2005, ahead of Democrats’ 2006 recapturing of the House and Senate. The Democrats hold a larger lead overall now because Republicans make up a smaller share of the electorate than they did in 2005.”

It’ safe to say that an 18-point lead and supercharged enthusiasm among progressive voters give the Democrats a good chance of becoming the majority party in the lower chamber, and perhaps even the Senate.

Republicans are free to celebrate the Christmas present they gave to their donors and the wealthiest individuals and corporations, but come next year, they might be doing it as the minority party in Congress.

As’s Nate Silver pointed out earlier this year, “Rough estimates suggest that in 2018, Democrats may need to beat Republicans by 5 to 8 percentage points nationally to win a majority of House seats.” Well, they are leading by 18 points.

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