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Democrats Just Flipped Nine Seats Blue In Ohio’s Most Conservative County

Last week, a Democrats blew Republicans out of the water with resounding electoral victories across the country. Elections in Virginia and New Jersey elections, as well as smaller contests nationwide, brought the total of state legislative seats flipped from red to blue since Donald Trump was elected to 32.

A less touted, but no less impressive, story is how Democrats have been flipping county and municipal offices in unexpected places. One of the most telling signs of growing Democratic strength is the results of elections in Ohio’s Warren County.

There are no more reliably red counties in the state than Warren County. Except for 1964, its residents have voted GOP in every presidential election since the party was founded, and went for Trump by 32 points. But on Tuesday, Warren County elected 9 new Democrats to local offices, and re-elected all 4 incumbents.

Democrats now have multiple school board members, township trustees, a municipal court judge in Franklin, and a seat on the Educational Services Center. For good measure, they helped a moderate Republican defeat a far-right candidate for trustee in Deerfield Township.

As the political signs shift more and more towards a coming wave election, Democrats are finding themselves competitive in places they have been locked out of for decades. What happened in Warren County is happening all around the country — and the blue wave will only continue to gain strength.

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