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Democrats Just Pulled The Rug From Under William Barr

On Thursday, Attorney General William Barr was scheduled to appear before the House Judiciary Committee, but he canceled his testimony in a clear effort to conceal the truth related to the Mueller’s report on the special counsel investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election. Democrats responded with a brilliant move.

According to several reports, Democrats in the House Judiciary Committee bypassed the Department of Justice and are now in direct talks with Robert Mueller’s team about potential testimony.

Senate Democrats on Wednesday released a letter that Mueller wrote to Barr following Barr’s March letter to Congress detailing his views of the Mueller report’s principal conclusion.

Mueller in the March 27 letter slammed Barr’s memo, saying that it created “public confusion about critical aspects of the results.”

The reported talks were discussed on air on MSNBC.

Democrats have long called for Mueller to testify on his probe.

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