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Dems Are Getting Ready To Take Over Deep Red West Virginia District Trump Won By 49 Points

West Virginia’s 3rd congressional district is considered to be one of the most conservative districts in the entire nation. It’s so deeply red that Donald Trump won it by 49 points just two years ago.

But a new poll shows that the deep red district is turning purple and Democrats have made it a very competitive race.

The district race is between Democratic state Sen. Richard Ojeda, a retired Army officer, and Republican Carol Miller, a member of the state House of Delegates.

According to an Emerson poll that was recently conducted, the Democratic candidate is leading the race by five points out of 274 people that were surveyed.

The race has been a toss-up among polls, some of which show Miller on top while others show Ojeda on top.

A race that should easily be won by Republicans, as Trump won West Virginia’s 3rd district by 49 points in 2016, is now leaning towards Democrats.

But it’s no surprise to see Ojeda take the lead and converting Trump supporters. He had won his state Senate election by 18 points in a district that Trump won by almost 60 points.

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