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Dems Just Sued Whitaker Over NYT Bombshell Revealing His Intentions To Save Trump From Impeachment

A bombshell New York Times article revealed on Tuesday that former acting Attorney General took the position for one reason only, to stop investigators from going after Donald Trump.

Whitaker reportedly told officials that he would “jump on a grenade” for Trump, meaning he would do just about anything to stop Trump from being impeached or indicted.

Now, according to a Reuters report, three Democratic Senators have dropped a lawsuit against Whitaker.

According to the report, “Senators Richard Blumenthal, Sheldon Whitehouse and Mazie Hirono had sought to bar Whitaker from serving as attorney general, arguing that President Donald Trump violated the U.S. Constitution in November by depriving the Senate of its power to act on such appointments.”

Whitaker was questioned under oath earlier this month where he told the House Judiciary Committee that he did nothing to affect the investigation in any way. But the Times report suggests otherwise.

Senate Democrats want to get to the bottom of things and will do so through court.

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